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    MRS. ritu Suri

    I am happy to welcome you to Step by Step Nursery School. We have grown from 8 children in 1992 to over 450 students and 50 members of staff. Over the years we have worked hard to create a loving and nurturing environment where children feel completely at home. This is their first school experience and special care has been taken to ensure that their school day is full of joyful learning activities which challenge them and develop a love for learning.

    They are watched over by a committed and nurturing faculty and the school maintains an excellent student teacher ratio. As parents you have entrusted to us a very precious part of you. We acknowledge that responsibility with humility and are committed to working closely with you, for the future of our children.


  • Mrs. Ramani Chopra - Principal

    Our philosophy follows a simple three pronged approach to value based teaching that is contemporary yet has strong roots in our culture and tradition. We believe that each child has an individual spirit & potential. Classmates are never compared with each other to praise one at the cost of denigrating the other. Spiritual development is as important as learning the three R's. Parental involvement is essential. No wonder, our children leave smiling when they graduate to bigger schools.

    Step By Step's main objective is to provide a positive atmosphere, which will promote the social, intellectual emotional & spiritual growth of the children.

    Children need to feel good about themselves! Positive guidance techniques are used by our staff, to enhance a child's feeling of self worth. Large & small group interaction which helps the children learn to co-operate, listen & share; self selected activities which stimulate cognitive growth & creativity, as well as emotional & social development; and outdoor activities which develop large and small motor skills are nurtured into the child's environment.

    Listening skills & language build up (both in English & Hindi); Yoga, singing, dancing, pottery, drama, story time, role-play, cooking, art & craft are all part of the curriculum. Learning experiences appropriate for the development of each group are provided daily. These activities help hone skills in each child.

  • Learning Specialist

    The aim of the Learning Center is to help mainstream the children in our care. We have children with Down's Syndrome, CP, children with problems belonging to the Autism Spectrum (Aspergers and Fragile X Syndrome). We have also had children with Rett's Syndrome in our care.

    An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is drawn up for each child. This is a collaborative effort on part of the Special Educators, Occupational Therapists , Speech Therapists and the child's care-giver. These IEP's are reviewed on a regular basis to monitor the progress of the child and are reformulated as and when needed. The classrooms in the Learning Center are equipped to give the children a happy yet stimulating and caring environment. Prestigious institutions and hospitals send children to us on a regular basis. We have a very dedicated staff focused in our goal of equipping these children to be valued members of the society...